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Wed, 05/17/2017 - 12:35

I was thrilled to help with the technology needs (pro-bono) for a 5k run to benefit Tristan Ballinger and his family. Tristan had a freak accident in late 2016 that led to brain injury. The 5k race was a GREAT success and raised funds to help the family’s ongoing medical costs.

I began my research, thinking I would build a full Drupal website capable of race registration and accepting payment / donations. Drupal is certainly capable of meeting all the requirements, and more.  As I got further into the details, I found myself asking a question that EVERY technology manager should ask: should we build or buy?  In this context, “buy” means to use an existing third party solution that meets the need and is reasonably priced.  I wrestled with this decision, as “when you are good with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” SURELY Drupal is the answer! At the end of the day, given the nature of the onetime event, the deadline and the unique nature of race registrations and payments, I set up the site using and NOT a custom Drupal site.  My decision was bolstered when I noticed several LARGE annual races that used this solution also - instead of building their own solution.  It just fit the need.

Due to the efforts of the race organizers and social media efforts that we did together, the race was a HUGE success. We had over 100 people register and several people donate money directly.  ALL proceeds went to the Ballingers. Race t-shirts were covered 100% by sponsors, and the only website fees were at user registration – which went straight to runsignup.  Everything worked great and we were thrilled to make a considerable donation to the Ballingers. Thanks so much to the Oldham County community, including Oldham County High School for use of school grounds!

"I want to thank Trent Price & WebTopLine for creating the 5k registration website!!  Without this site, I don't think we could have pulled together the 5k."

             Dawn McCubbin, Race Organizer


Praying 4 Tristan